• What is a supercapacitor?

    Like batteries, supercapacitors are energy storage devices. However, batteries store and release their energy through chemical reactions, while supercapacitors use static electric charge. To illustrate, the battery is to the marathon runner what the supercapacitor is to the sprinter.

  • How does a supercapacitor work?

    Supercapacitors store instantly a large volume of electric energy and supplies instantly or continuously higher current, by the mechanism of absorbing and de-absorbing electric charge. More precisely, supercapacitors make use of an electrolyte, a substance made of positively and negatively charged particles. When the electrodes are charged, the electrolyte polarizes according to the charge of the electrodes. This separation of charge creates two oppositely charged layers that act like new charged plates. Put simply, it polarizes an electrolytic solution to store energy electrostatically. The energy storage mechanism of a supercapacitor is highly reversible, which allows for the supercapacitor to be charged and discharged up to a million times.

  • What are the SkelStart Module's advantages?

    SkelStart modules have several distinct advantages, the first of which is their high energy storage. SkelStarts possess energy density that is several times higher than that of traditional capacitors. Compared with batteries, they also possess a low internal resistance (ESR), furthering their high power-density capabilities. SkelStarts supercapacitors are also capable of performing at low temperatures with minimal effect on efficiency. Finally, SkelStarts have very fast charge and discharge rates and won’t damage the parts.

  • What is the benefice of using SkelStart modules?

    SkelStart modules are what's known as fast energy storage and: • have a high-power density, meaning they can provide very high currents (thousands of amperes) during a short time (ideally, less than 10 seconds) •charge and discharge very quickly (in seconds) • have a lifespan of over 1 million charge- discharge cycles • have very low internal resistance (a few tenths of a milliohm) and work close to 100% efficiency • are significantly lighter than batteries for high power applications • have a high tolerance for extreme temperatures and work at close to full efficiency even at -40 degrees Celcius/Fahrenheit • don’t contain harmful chemicals or toxic metals • will not explode or burn • have a significant leakage current, meaning they discharge if not used.

  • How do supercapacitors differ from batteries?

    Supercapacitors and batteries differ in one significant way: supercapacitors store energy in an electrostatic field and batteries store energy as part of a chemical reaction. Batteries and supercapacitors have long been compared by performance criteria. Batteries offer a superior energy density and possess a higher breakdown voltage, while supercapacitors are lighter, possess a longer lifespan, and have unparalleled power density. The battery compares to a marathon runner, providing a steady discharge over a long distance. A supercapacitor is a sprinter, releasing large amounts of energy quickly.

  • Why use SkelStart Module for engine starting?

    SkelStarts provide the energy needed to start your motor, is completely maintenance-free, never needs to be replaced and will provide reliable starting for the life of your truck.

  • Do I still need batteries and why?

    In most cases you will still need batteries. Batteries will supply energy for key activities. Depending on your energy needs you may be able to eliminate some of your batteries. However, using SkelStart modules will extend the life of your batteries.

  • What are the part numbers of the SkelStarts?

    The part number of the supercapacitor SkelStart 12V Threaded terminal M8 is 6730109.
    The part number of the supercapacitor SkelStart 24V Threaded terminal M8 is 6730107.
    The part number of the supercapacitor SkelStart 24V post is 6730108.

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