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The SkelStart Engine Start Module is the most dynamic module for engine starting applications currently available in the world. Its design is based on Skeleton Technologies’ industry-leading SkelCap supercapacitors, which have the highest power density presently offered on the market.

SkelStart not only eases the demanding job of starting the engine but also protects the battery and increases its lifespan. SkelStart’s effective operating temperature range is from -40°C to +65°C, which makes it perfectly suited for bus, truck, rail and heavy-duty equipment applications.





There are no weather conditions too extreme on our planet that this robust module for reliable engine starting will not start under. The SkelStart Engine Module is the most powerful module for engines up to 27L in the world and the benefits of our technology justify the investment.

Extreme battery endurance

Increases battery lifetime and ensures starting even when batteries are dead

Wide temperature range

Operating temperature range from -40°C to +65°C

Excellent cold resistance

Twice as fast cold cranking time

Enhanced battery lifetime

Increases battery lifespan by ensuring care of engine starting

Jump start avoidance

Reliable engine starting even with dead batteries

High power - 2130 CCA

60x the power of batteries

Same size as groupe 31- a direct replacement

Can either replace one of the batteries or be installed alongside the existing ones

Weighs 8,5kg/ 18 pounds

Weighs less than half the weight of the starting battery it replaced


start module

vs. batteries

If you compare the two technologies, you may find that it is heavily stacked on one end. Our technologies are more compatible than comparable.

Engine Start Module

  • High Power (for starting)
  • Zero to full in minutes
  • Long Lifetime (1 000 000 cycles)
  • Works in extreme temperatures


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  • High energy (for hotel loads)
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Main FeaturesBattery lifetime increase

Much higher peak power than batteries can provide

Temperature won’t affect starting power

Starting power even with “dead” batteries – If SkelStart’s energy is used, it needs min 9V and max 16 min to be charged from empty to full

Starting power doesn’t come directly from batteries

More energy stored by the end of the work day

Battery lifetime will be increased 1,5 – 2x

Fuel consumption

Much higher peak power than batteries can provide

Temperature won’t affect starting power


Non-hazardous material
(no lead, no acid)

Reduced fuel costs and CO2 emissions

No hassle –
one time investment

Lifetime 1M cycles, no maintenance needed



Supercapacitors have been around since the 1960’s, but it’s only been in recent years that their potential has become better utilized. They are one of the most efficient energy storage devices available commercially. Ultracapacitor modules are a new type of energy storage device with excellent performance, high application values and incredible commercial potential.


Most batteries are unreliable at engine starting time, especially at low temperatures. SkelStart provides increased starting power output compared to a battery, even at temperatures of -40°C. Ideal for engine starting and start-stop applications.


Batteries will lose their charge over time and use. SkelStart will provide the highest cranking current to your gensets – in any weather condition.

Heavy machinery

Every minute counts when you’re working with heavy machinery and with a SkelStart installed, you can be sure there is no downtime because of batteries or starting issues.


Do you trust that your batteries will start the engine when it really matters? SkelStart can save your time, money, stress, and even your life by making sure you can find the charge to always get home.


SkelStart delivers a higher cranking power than batteries and does it effectively even at -40°C. Upgrade to SkelStart, and stop worrying about if you are going to be able to deliver on time or not.

The module


Skeleton's ultracapacitors offer the highest power and energy density on the market, charging and discharging in minutes, high reliability, and providing very long lifetimes.

(L x W x H): 328 x 171 x 241 (mm)

Weight: 8.5 kg

Working temp.: -40ºC to + 65ºC (batteries: -10ºC)

Suitable for up
to 27L engines

Vibration and shock resistant


  • 12V / 2130 CCA (based on 1s ESR)
  • Fully charged in 20 minutes (from empty state)
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  • 24V / 1230 CCA (based on 1s ESR)
  • Fully charged in 10 minutes (from empty state)
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better performance than competitive ultracapacitors


retailers in Canada


increase in battery life


lifetime cycles

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